Monday, September 22, 2008

Sri Mysore Ramachandrachar


A Brief Introduction to Sri Mysore Ramachandrachar :-

1. During the year 2000 "Adhikamasa" a new face was witnessed in the "Singer of Dasarapadagalu" in Bangalore. It was a program with a difference. The audiences were treated to all the senses – The mind was absorbing the "Bhaktirasa" of the song, The eyes were seeing the photos shown by Sri Achar and the ears were listening to the "Dasara Padagalu". It was a unique experience to many people. Deeply impressed by this, a group of 8 – 10 people who were regularly attending Achar's program every week ends, became friends and decided to form a group called "MYSORE RAMACHANDRACHAR ABHIMAANIGALA SANGHA" during 2003.

2. The name Sri Mysore Ramachandrachar has become a name highly popular among the Dasavani singers of Karnataka. He has given programs all over Karnataka and almost in all the "Rayara Mutt's" in Bangalore. About 11 CD's and Cassettes are recorded and released and have become very popular. A couple of CD's have already gone for 2nd re-print.

3. People who were busy seeing TV/Cinema during weekends, now dutifully attend Sri Achar's program, observe Ekadashi, Janmasthami and other rituals. Members have visited sacred places such as Tirupathi, Udupi, Mantralaya, Sonda, Chippagiri, Ahobala, along with Achar, have listened to great scholars and pundits – have witnessed pooja's by a majority of Swamiji's of the day.

4. Sri Achar conducts "Jnanasatra" every year and his "Sri Madhwa Purandarotsava" has become a major event. The Fan Followers of Sri Acharya have actively participated in programs held in Chippagiri, Bommagatta, Cheekalaparavi, Pajaka, Bikshalaya, Tirukoilur. He also invites us to Sriranga for "Tula Snana" and "Sapta Prakaarotsava" every year(during November). One must admit that we are blessed  to have him as our leader. 


Girish Prabhu said...

It will be great if there is a provision made to listen to online songs of Sri Acharya.


Guru Madhwapati said...

Presently Sri Acharyaru is busy in ADHIKA MAASADA JNAANASATRA being held @ Navamantralaya Rayara Mutt, Basavanagudi. For more details
please visit Events section in our blog.

Sreeram Manoj Kumar said...


With over collection of over 500 krithis of Dasa Varenyaru rendered by various prominent singers, I happened to listen to one particular krithi of Sri Gopala Dasaru “vArijalayapati vArijanAbhane vArijabhavapita vArijanEtrane” and mistook the voice of the singer to be of Yashwanth Halibandi.

On 27th May 2010 at 4.30 pm I was taken back to find that the song was sung by one Mysore Ramachandrachar not Yashwanth, not know who Mysore Ramachandrachar was I hit his name on Google search and came across the website which gave me the detail profile of him and his forth coming programs. To my surprise there was a program to in Sri Vyasaraja Mutt, Bangalore @ 6 PM.

Without wasting anytime a rushed to Sri Vyasaraya Mutt and was seated in the audience of Sri Mysore Ramachandrachar. Is it not a wonder that I was about to listen to him whom I did not know about 2 hours before.

Well the concert started with the krithis of the Madhva yathis and Dasa Varenyaru. The most pleasing thing is that Jagannatha Dasaru has penned the krithi voicing the praise of his guru Sri Vijaya Dasaru and Sri Vijaya Dasaru has written thanking his luck for having Sri Purandara Dasaru as his guru.

In one of the Krithis sung by Mysore Ramachandrachar the mention of the comparison of Basava-Partha-Sri Jayatheertharu (Teekacharyaru) is made this is really a highlight. Next song on Rudradevaru “namo virupaksha namo mamo virupaksha” was also good.

The unique thing about Sri Mysore Ramachandrachar is that while sings the krithis he shows the laminated photos of the various deities he is mentioning. This will ensure the audience about what they are listening to, this is most appreciating stuff. For the song “Angala dolu Ramanadida (Kanaka Dasaru) he literally shows all the playing accessories.

His energy level while singing “Kande Kane Narasimhana” (Kanaka Dasaru) is unbelievable he made us have the vision of Sri Narasimhadevaru.

Finally when my ATF song ““vArijalayapati vArijanAbhane vArijabhavapita vArijanEtrane” which I had listened on an average of 3-4 times daily began I could not stop tears roll down, I thank my luck, Sri Gopala Dasaru and Sri Ramachandrachar for that moment.

Sreeram Manoj Kumar
# 163 Fifth Main Road, Chamaraj pet Bangalore 18

Guru Madhwapati said...

Hare Srinivasa,

We on behalf of Mysore Ramachandrachar Abhimaanigala Sangha thank you for your valuable comments. We also request you to join our Yahoo group to get informed about Sri Acharya's programmes.

Anonymous said...

I watched this AchArya's concert, streamed live from Kustagi, during rAghavEndra saptAha 2011. He was simply AWESOME, hands down! He sang for 3 1/2 hours,without even a sip of water, not even stammer once... It was simply superb. You can watch the recording (this is only about 3 hours) at

He is simply superb.

Pralhad Kulkarni said...

||Hari Sarvottama vayu jeevottama||
Sri Ramachandra achar avarige estu namasskara helidaru kadime, avara dhwani kelidare saku namma jeevana punya antha ansatte. Avara sangeetha keltha iddare namma manasinalli iruva ella kalmashagalu doora agatte.. nanna abhiprayadalli avaru Ganga nadhi thara.. nammella papa galannu avara dasara padagalannu kelisutta doora maduttare.

Aruna Sekar said...

I have not been so lucky as to have listened to him Live, but I did watch a program on ustream, and all of us were spellbound. HIs companion on the violin was mind blowing. I reside in chennai and can I know where I can get his CDs. VCDs if possible.

Aruna Sekar.

Achyutha said...

Hearty thanks to Prahalad Kulkarni and Aruna Shekar.

@ Aruna Shekar : You can get his Audio CD's or VCD's at all music shops...

Akshay agnihotri said...

Great singer i love the song that iz varijalayapathe he sings very melodiously i have been so lucky as i attend the acharya's programme in tumkur the devotees was dancing there due to the singing style of acharyaru thanks hari sarvottama vayu jeevottama hare srinivasa